Home Sweet Home

Hello! This is a very old blog which I authored seven years ago (it is January of 2022 as I write this). I did not want to delete the site, though I have not uploaded to it for many years, so I have left it here to look at if you like!

My life has changed a lot since these posts were made and I feel I have aged 30 years since I sat and wrote these. In a strange way, it is like reading the writing of a girl that no longer lives, a girl I remember fondly, but am also glad that she has passed the baton along to me, a woman who is stronger, wiser and braver. Growing up sometimes happens rapidly over a few short years, and that was true in my life. I look forward to many more years of growth and learning, though I hope that it will be done a bit more gradually and gently in the future! Haha. They say that God never gives you more than you can handle, so I will pray that God will trust me just a little bit less. 🙂

One event that changed my life and inspired this blog is detailed in the post SIDS and Saving Grace.

be gentle2 - Copy

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